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According to the Book of Discipline: “Purpose: The Leadership Team (formerly Church Council) shall provide for planning and implementing a program of NURTURE, OUTREACH, WITNESS, and resources in the local church. (P. 182; ¶252)

Each team has one purpose: To determine one goal for the church in each area of ministry.


“We evaluate the effectiveness of our weekly worship experiences and make adjustments.”

  • Worship

  •  Education

  • Membership Care (Hospitality)

  • Small groups

  • Stewardship

  • Attention given to the needs of individuals and families of all ages


“We will launch at least one new place for new people in the next 3 months.”

  •  Giving attention to local and larger community ministries of compassion, justice, and advocacy.

  • Church & Society

  • Global Ministries

  • Higher Education & Campus Ministry

  • Health & Welfare


“We are practicing a discipline of prayer within our congregation and have a group that meets weekly primarily for the purpose of prayer.”

 One of our goals is to be a spiritual inviting beacon on Arlington. We invite anyone interested in this goal of prayer and witness to join Dorothy, Jim Davis, and Pastor Karen.                                                     ~Dorothy Tapscott

“Where two or more are gathered together, I, GOD, am with you.”  ~Matthew 18:20