OASIS SINGERS (Older Adults Still In Sync)


The OASIS Singer (Older Adults Still In Sync) is a nondenominational group of older adults who love singing and fellowship.  In the beginning a group of ‘wanna-be’ actors belonging to the Encore Theatre Group of Independence, Missouri, decided they wanted to also join their voices in song.  That group, which started many years ago, has evolved into the OASIS Singers of today, directed by Marilyn West, with a participating membership of approximately twenty singers.  We sing all types of music including gospel, secular, popular, etc.  We are most grateful to Mount Washington United Methodist Church for allowing us to practice at their church every Tuesday from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and we, from time to time, have entertained at some of their church functions.  We sing for most anyone who asks in and around the city and we do not charge a fee.  Donations are acceptable, but there is never a charge.  Participation in this group is open to anyone (over the age of 50).